January 2017 Update

January 2017 Newsletter

As always, thank you so much for your love for the Josephine House and for these sweet children. If you’re here checking out our website, thank you. We’re grateful for your heart for the orphan and covet your prayers for our home. We always need them!!!


Christmas Photo Endeavor

Every year…


we try really hard…


to take a nice Christmas photo


of our fifteen or so children.


But, do you know how hard it is…


to get fifteen children all focused on the camera at the same time?


We can tell you – it’s practically impossible.


Eventually, even the babies lose their cool.


There are just too many distractions.


Sometimes there is screaming…


and hiding from the camera.



They chat about how much they do not want to sit for the photo.


Then, they eventually just get bored.


And sometimes, a scene change is just the ticket!










But in our case, the photographer took a second too long, and one turned around.

Well, we hope that since there isn’t one perfect photo, that you can compile all of these attempts in your mind and enjoy seeing just how much fun it is to take a group photo with fifteen littles. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season as you celebrate the joy and hope that Christ brings to us all. We’re praising Him for each one of these precious souls!


Catch Up on 2016 News

So much has happened this year! I really want to tell you all about it, but I think you’ll find it more interesting to read about it in our Newsletters from this year. Click the links below to discover all that’s been going on – including colorful photos of the sweetest little cutie pies you ever did see.

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Thanks so much for your prayers for these little ones and the people who care for them. We praise God for each and every one of you.


What You Missed in 2015

So much has happened in 2015! Read our month-by-month re-cap of what’s been going on here in our small corner of the world at our sweet home.

April 2015
One of the changes here at the Josephine House is the whole process of receiving children.  Because of these changes, things work much more quickly, meaning that some of our children are with us for a very short time.  Such was the case with Angela and Neymar, who were only with us for six weeks and with Nayda, who was with us for two months.

Beltran was adopted and is living in the States, Yomira went back to her mother’s care, and Lupe was adopted and is living in Europe.

June 2015
June was a month of activities with summer teams and birthdays, besides keeping up with school.  The children love to have the teams visit as there is always someone new to play tag with or to climb on like a jungle gym. One team brought bubble suits, which made for a totally unique experience at the next birthday party.

11229416_942791312450457_8970878701982953579_o (Medium) 11807595_942790899117165_6842130020995991258_o (Medium) 11816225_942791172450471_5866218530007501497_o (Medium)photobubble suits
July 2015
All the summer teams this year have worked on the construction of the new Josephine House so things have really progressed.  Professionals came to install the drywall and get it mudded, teaching some of the Peruvian men along the way.  Everyone got into the painting and a front porch was added on.  We are down to installing the wooden flooring, the kitchen and all of the trim.  Along with, of course, the small details like light fixtures, outlet covers, etc.  THEN once the house has had a thorough cleaning, it will be ready to move in.

11872039_942804415782480_402051550423217935_o (Medium)

11779944_942791082450480_1906814198224540988_o (Medium)

August 2015
It is always hard for us to “lose” our children, whether to adoption or their going home to their parents. Such was the case with the five Gutierrez children, who returned home this month. The good side is that they live nearby and we have been able to keep in touch with them.  They have returned to the House a couple of times for lunch and just to hang out.

Evelyn, Pamela, Andrea, Lucio, Alex

September 2015
Our annual sale this year was in later September.  We had tons of donations from other missionaries and from a preschool in Cusco, who has kind of taken on the Josephine House as their project.  This preschool had their own sale and activity in August and collected donations, had a beautiful bake sale, musicians, and great food — all for the benefit of the Josephine House!

JH Sale 2015 Rurucha Sale 2015

November 2015
In November we took in three more children – Camila, who is four, and two brothers, Heber (5) and Levy (3), who look and act much older than they are.  We now have eight boys and five girls in the House.  We seem to have filled up with boys, which makes the House seem very full and quite LOUD a lot of the time!  When you get eight trucks roaring around our main play room, things can be quite hectic and you’d better watch out for your ankles!
November included going to school on Saturdays.  Due to expected torrential rains. The government decided school would end early for the year, December 4 instead of the 18th.  To make up for the lost days, it was decided to have classes on Saturdays, as well as Monday through Friday.  Our children are young enough that we’re not even sure they realized the difference.
Along with all the other busyness of the House, one of our long-time residents, Daniel, went to live in Lima. He is in a home much better suited to his needs, with their own medical personnel, physical therapists, etc.
Another highlight of November was the advent of Girl Scout cookies, donated by a troop in Maryland and brought down by someone traveling.  What a treat that was!

Girl Scout Cookies

December 2015
Even though school let out early, December was full of end-of-year programs, visitors bringing hot chocolate, special Christmas breads and gifts, among other things.  The community always gives small gifts to each of the children, as does the church.

Boys Christmas Camila Maria Jose Camila and Maria Jose

We had a special meal for the workers of the House, which included delicious lasagna made by Meghan Dillon.  The Christmas baskets this year were largely provided by our summer teams as each one brought gifts, including lotion, candles, key chains, hand towels, devotional books, chocolates, manicure sets, toothbrushes, special soaps, gum, pocket tissues, etc.  LOTS of fun things for them!  We had also found a nice large purse for each of them at different yard sales in the States.  A great find!  The baskets always include things like rice, sugar, oil and other staples.

Tia's Christmas Dinner

Another fun thing was the three Gutierrez girls, Andrea, Evelyn and Pamela, coming to the Powlison’s house to decorate Christmas cookies.  They each went home with a plateful which they had decorated.


January 2016
Camila has left to live with one of her aunts.  She was only with us for a short time but brought many smiles to the House and a definite mind of her own!  Our hope is that God will use her time with us to one day bring her to Himself.





A Home For Adriano

We are so incredibly happy for our sweet Adriano who now has his very own family.

Adriano at Christmas

Adriano at Christmas












This little man went to be with his new family in early January and we couldn’t be more excited for him! Blessings to you and your family in this new stage of life, Adriano. We will always love you!

Adriano and His New Family

Adriano and His New Family

Adriano and His Daddy

Adriano and His Daddy










We have loved getting to be a part of Adriano’s life for a few years, and we would love it if you would pray for him and his new family as they adjust to their new normal. Praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness!

Psalm 68:5-6a  A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God  in His holy habitation. God sets the solitary in families.

A Happy Christmas

It was a very happy Christmas at the Josephine House.

We just can’t say it enough. Our gratefulness to our great God abounds more and more with each passing year for providing our Home with such lovely ladies who work hard every day to love and care for the lost and lonely. This year, we were pleased to be able to celebrate them and show them our love and appreciation. They each received a gift bag and were invited to a dinner hosted at the Powlison’s home.

The ladies enjoyed their dinner

The ladies enjoyed their dinner

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

A Christmas gift exchange always brings with it smiles and laughter.

A Christmas gift exchange always brings with it smiles and laughter.

These sweet children had such a blast opening their presents and spending the day playing with them.

Opening gifts Christmas morning.

Opening gifts Christmas morning.

Dollies and Bows

Dollies and Bows

Brisayda with some dollies

Brisayda with some dollies

Using Christmas cones and Hats is fun

Using Christmas cones and Hats is fun

Zoey zoomed around so quickly with her doll in stroller, it was hard to take her photo!

Zoey zoomed around so quickly with her doll in stroller, it was hard to take her photo!

More playing hats with cones

More playing hats with cones

Daniel loved playing with his new toy truck.

Daniel loved playing with his new toy truck.

Some of the younger children received bouncy animals.

Some of the younger children received bouncy animals.

Thank you all for your hoping, giving and praying with us and for us. Blessings to you all as we enter the new year. May it bring you joy and peace as we worship our Lord and praise Him for his many gifts.

Zephaniah 3:17 The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty One who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.