Newsletter: July 2017

Good news!  Our July Newsletter 2017  is fresh off the press. Please enjoy the photos, updates and would you please say a prayer for our home?  Thanks so much for your love and care!!!

Blessings to you!




May 2017 Update

Dear faithful supporters and friends,

We’re so thankful for you and so glad that you stop by our page to see what’s going on in our corner of the world. Here’s our latest Josephine House Newsletter. Enjoy!

May 2017 Newsletter

In Christ,

Your friends at the Josephine House


March Update

Faithful followers, supporters, prayer-warriors and good friends,

Here is a link to our March Newsletter. Thanks so much for your interest, concerns, prayers, and all around love for our home and all the sweet children who have found refuge here. We are beyond blessed by you all. Take a moment to read the March newsletter and then to pray for our home, the orphans in Cusco and around the world. We know the Lord hears our prayers!



January Update

Check out our latest Newsletter!

January 2017 Newsletter

As always, thank you so much for your love for the Josephine House and for these sweet children. If you’re here checking out our website, then thank you. We’re grateful for your heart for the orphan and covet your prayers for our home. We always need them!!!


Christmas Photo Endeavor

Every year…


we try really hard…


to take a nice Christmas photo


of our fifteen or so children.


But, do you know how hard it is…


to get fifteen children all focused on the camera at the same time?


We can tell you – it’s practically impossible.


Eventually, even the babies lose their cool.


There are just too many distractions.


Sometimes there is screaming…


and hiding from the camera.



They chat about how much they do not want to sit for the photo.


Then, they eventually just get bored.


And sometimes, a scene change is just the ticket!










But in our case, the photographer took a second too long, and one turned around.

Well, we hope that since there isn’t one perfect photo, that you can compile all of these attempts in your mind and enjoy seeing just how much fun it is to take a group photo with fifteen littles. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season as you celebrate the joy and hope that Christ brings to us all. We’re praising Him for each one of these precious souls!


Catch Up on 2016 News

So much has happened this year! I really want to tell you all about it, but I think you’ll find it more interesting to read about it in our Newsletters from this year. Click the links below to discover all that’s been going on – including colorful photos of the sweetest little cutie pies you ever did see.

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Thanks so much for your prayers for these little ones and the people who care for them. We praise God for each and every one of you.