| Birthplace: Cusco

Zoe, who was named Zoe Anastasia by us, was brought to Cusco just after she was born pre-maturely. She suffers primarily from a cleft palate and was therefore severely under weight. Since July 25, 2010, being in the care of the Josephine House, Zoe has improved her abilities to eat from a specialized bottle and has increased in size a bit.

UPDATE: September 17, 2011
Zoe had her first of probably 3 surgeries in April 2011. The first surgery was for her lip, which has made such an improvement both for feeding and for her smile, which is such a joy to see. There will likely be a minimum of 2 further surgeries in the future to repair the palate. We are trying to get her to transition from using a bottle to soft foods, but right now she still prefers the bottle. Zoe is becoming more and more expressive, and is a very content baby.

Zoe underwent a second surgery to repair the inner palate in March of this year. Unfortunately she suffered some complications enduring post-surgery pain that wasn’t well-controlled, and returned to the hospital a few days later. Due to improper care in the hospital, we came close to losing Zoe. But, with lots of prayer and thanks to God, she came through and regained strength returning to the Josephine House a few days later. Zoe continues to eat pureed foods by bottle, goes to weekly therapy appointments to strengthen her muscles, and is getting stronger and can now sit up on her own and roll over. She loves rocking in the car seat.


Zoe has advanced so much this year!  Although, she would have originally had another inner-cleft palate surgery this year, we decided to forgo that (in agreement with professional advice) for the time being to allow her to live without more potential post-surgery complications and regression.  This year Zoe has finally accepted soft foods by spoon and is now eating soups and mashed foods like the other older babies.  She continues to go to physiotherapy regularly and attends a local special needs school five days a week.  She has learned to walk and is toddling around the house, easily self-amused with different toys and just exploring.  Zoe is not vocal yet, but occasionally likes to make sounds and laugh. We look forward to see what another year of continued early intervention can do for little Zoe.


Zoe is now four years old.  She doesn’t communicate verbally but can very well express displeasure or pleasure.  Right now she’s going through a phase of wanting to be picked up and held, but the most satisfying is when someone will spend quality time with her in physiotherapy or constructive play.  She likes things like mechanical, musical and therapy toys where she can push buttons to produce a sound or action.  She will be undergoing a hernia surgery in the next few weeks and really hope that won’t affect her activity.

UPDATE: March 2016

Zoe attended a special needs school this past year. She still loves being held and playing, and she is quite a little observer. She seems to fall somewhere in the autism spectrum, though we aren’t sure to what degree this will affect her long-term. She doesn’t talk, but she eats very well. She even lets her know when she wants more food, which is quite a change for her!

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