| Birthplace: Cusco

Carlos was brought to the Josephine House on September 29, 2011 by his mother, who has problems with alcoholism and could not adequately care for her baby.

After a check-up visit to the doctor, it was discovered that Carlos had an underdeveloped nasal passage which caused some distress and problems in feeding due to his struggling to breathe normally through his nose. The good news is that over the months, his nasal passage has developed naturally and is not a long-term problem. Born 3 months premature, he was very underweight weighing around 2.2 kgs at 3 1/2 months old. But, he is being cared for with tender loving care and feeding and sleeping better and better as the weeks go on.

Carlos has come along well in the past few months. He sleeps normal hours now, for a baby of his age. He has been eating pureed foods including a range of vegetables, fruits, egg, and warm cereals. He still gets a lot of formula by bottle daily, as that provides a better range of vitamins and fats. Although he eats well, he is still quite small, at about 5 kgs, but according to the growth chart, his head circumference is growing within a normal range, which is most important.
Carlos’s first two bottom teeth came in around March, and two of his top teeth are now growing in. He is connecting more with his surroundings, and starting to play with toys. He has the cutest smile and laugh. His muscles are quite underdeveloped, however, and still does not hold his upper body very well, cannot sit up and does not roll over. He has daily exercises and weekly therapy appointments to strengthen these muscles.


Carlos joined some of the other children early this year at the local special needs school where he attends three days a week.  He is quite developmentally delayed because of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but has been coming along in different aspects throughout this year.  Carlos is sitting and crawling now, and starting to “baby babble” more.  He needs a lot of stimulation and especially thrives with individual attention.  He continues in physiotherapy at La Fuente missionary clinic once a week, and we work with him in the home with those exercises and stimulating activities.  (A favorite is feeling the textures, sitting and playing in a tub of rice grains!)  If given a spoon, he is making headway on coordinating spoon-to-mouth, and he is walking with help.


Now just turned three, Carlos is generally a pretty happy little boy.  He has his frustrations with things that he cannot do, like walking and eating by himself, but he is sure determined to try!  He has progressed to learning how to play by himself a little more, but still prefers individual attention and constructive activities and play.  He loves being outside and has learned to crawl through the jungle-gym and slide down the spiral tube-slide by himself!

UPDATE: March 2016

Carlos loves the slide on the playground, even coming down upside down! He is super interested in anything new going on at the House, whether it be a new toy, a gift being opened or someone coming to visit. He has such a happy smile almost all the time and is incredibly active for a child with his limitations. He still only walks with help but gets around by crawling very quickly, rapidly wearing out the toes of his shoes and the knees of his pants! He continued to attend school this past year at the nearby special needs school.

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At this current time, Carlos is not avaiable for sponsorship.

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