| Birthplace: Quispicanchi

Brisayda is the youngest of eight children. Her mother is in a very difficult living situation, has no steady job, and Brisa was not eating or growing well and so her mother decided to find another home for her infant. Brisayda arrived at the Josephine House in early August 2012, at just over three months of age and weighing less than four kilos. She had been born premature, and weighed only 2.5 kilos at birth. When she arrived she was somewhat dehydrated and slept most of the time. The staff have spent the time nursing her to a healthy weight, feeding her a couple of ounces every couple of hours.  By the fall, she had already grown 4 cms since July, weighing nearly five kilos.

We have had some worries surrounding Brisayad’s health, as she tends to sleep most of the hours of the night & day, and hasn’t been following sound or eye movements. Following some doctor appointments, we have discovered that Brisayda has Hydrocephalus, a condition in which the brain does not develop as it should. Her head is growing at an abnormal rate in comparison to the rest of her body, a medical condition also known as “water on the brain”. We are currently searching for a doctor in Cusco who can perform the necessary operation that can fix this medical condition. Please pray for Brisayada & the financial needs that will be required for her surgery.

UPDATE: February 2013

The unfortunate news of Brisayda’s condition was relayed to us in early January that there are further complications related to her condition and she is unable to receive surgery for the Hydrocephalus.  We have taken her to two neurologists to be sure, but both have confirmed that surgery would likely be fatal for Brisayda.  We have been advised to continue giving her a comfortable and healthy quality of life, love and basic physical therapy massage to help stretch out her muscles.

UPDATE: October 2013

We continue to take care of Brisayda and love a child that cannot give back.  She cannot see or hear but has some sense of feeling. In the past few months Brisayda has been able to take more liquidy/mashed foods by spoon.  She sleeps most of the time, but we are trying to get her outside with the others more often for fresh air and to move her around more.

UPDATE: March 2016

We have had a feeding specialist show us how to best feed Brisayda and how to keep her the most comfortable. She lets us know when she doesn’t like a certain food by coughing. We continue to try to keep her muscles limber with massage and physical therapy. This sweet girl will be turning four this year.

Sponsorship Info

At this current time, Brisayda is not avaiable for sponsorship.

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