| Birthplace: Paucartambo

Brighitt is a healthy, sweet-tempered baby who joined us on August 29, 2013, just before her 2nd birthday. Native to a small outlying rural community, her mother has schizophrenia and cannot adequately care for her. Brighitt was likely accustomed to being carried on someone’s back (the typical Peruvian way) and could not sit on her own when she first arrived. However, after only one physiotherapy appointment, she started sitting on her own without problem. She likes to play with toys, and to receive cuddles and attention. She is always smiling and hardly fusses.

UPDATE: June 2014

Brighitt has developed well over the past nearly year, learning to crawl then to walk, to play on her own and to play with the other children.  She is a little delayed with speech development, but she loves to mimic facial expressions and can say Mama, and she will make you laugh in the process. She is sweet and easy-going almost all the time, even when she had chicken-pox!  Brighitt loves to play outside under the sun, and also inside in the ball pit, or with the therapy toys.

UPDATE: March 2016

Brighitt starts school this year as she is now four years old! She will be able to attend a school that is only 1/8 of a mile away from the House. She is super talkative, inquisitive and is eager and happy to meet new people who come to visit the Home.

Sponsorship Info

At this current time, Brighitt is not avaiable for sponsorship.

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