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Brighitt is a healthy, sweet-tempered baby who joined us late August 2013, just before her 2nd birthday. Native to a small outlying rural community, her…


Zoe, who was named Zoe Anastasia by us, was brought to Cusco just after she was born pre-maturely. She suffers primarily…


Brisayda is the youngest of eight children. Her mother is in a very difficult living situation, has no steady job, and Brisa was not…


Carlos was brought to the Casa Josefina on September 29, 2011 by his mother, who has problems with alcoholism and could not adequately care…


Raul and his older brother Wilfredo joined our home in March.  They are siblings of seven, with three older sisters residing in a home close by…


Wilfredo and Raul are brothers, with five other siblings- three of their older sisters whom stay in another children’s home close by. They arrived at the end


Diego joined our home in August of 2015. He will be starting preschool this year. Diego is an active, energetic little boy. He is super vocal and very inquisitive.